M. Rautio Oy is an expert on noise barriers

Our company has over 20 years of experience with noise barriers. High-quality materials, innovative solutions, and precise implementation form the basis for the long lifespan of our noise barriers. Over the years, we have designed and implemented over 60 noise barrier projects across Finland.

The patented Melueste Rautio noise barrier system complies with current structural and appearance requirements for noise barrier construction.

Our recyclable noise barrier solution is based on our patented absorbing noise barrier cassette and its frame structure. Melueste Rautio noise barriers are designed to be as low maintenance as possible, and all of the barrier’s parts are designed and manufactured in such a way that they are replaceable. Our noise barrier with steel structure is easy to maintain and quick to install.

The frame system of noise barriers consists of rectangular poles and anti-noise cassettes that are attached between them. The noise barrier cassette facade is often cladded with a mesh or battening. In this way, the noise barrier can be given an architecturally sound and finished appearance. If necessary, even single noise barrier cassettes, battens, or mesh can be removed and replaced – even if they are located in the middle of a wall section!

Melueste Rautio noise barriers can be equipped with emergency and entrance doors, vehicle gates and detachable element sections, to name just a few examples. Noise barriers built in the vicinity of electrified train and metro lines are designed and built to be earthed. Melueste Rautio noise barrier’s properties meet the requirements of the EN 14388 standard.

We implement noise barriers as a range of projects, including turnkey, planning and implementation projects, and planning, implementation and discussion projects.

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