Urakointiasennus M. Rautio Oy’s lifting and moving equipment

Thanks to our extensive range of modern equipment, we can operate smoothly and provide high-quality results.

Our company has a wide range of equipment needed for our sites. Modern equipment makes work more efficient and gives quality results.


MB Arocs 5 2021

  • Palfinger 20t, remote-controlled loader crane and hook loader

Man TGX 2012
• Palfinger 24.9 tnm, remote-controlled loader crane

Man TGM 4×4 2011

• Palfinger 14 tnm remote-controlled loader crane

VAK Trailer
• deck length 12.2 m, vehicle ramps 4 m


Merlo Panoramic P27.6 Plus Lifting capacity 2.7 tonnes, reach 6 m
Merlo Roto 30.16 Revolving lifting capacity 3.0 tonnes, ulottuma n. 16 m
Merlo Panoramic P38.13 Plus Lifting capacity 3.8 tonnes, reach 13 m
Merlo Roto 38.16S Revolving lifting capacity 3.8 tonnes, reach 16 m
Merlo Panoramic P40.16 Lifting capacity 4.0 tonnes, reach 16 m
Merlo Panoramic P40.17 Lifting capacity 4.0 tonnes, reach 17 m


  • Hydraulically directable cages
  •  jib 1,500 kg
  • winch 3,000 kg
  • buckets
  • hydraulic spikes


Volvo L90E, lifting capacity approx. 9 tonnes
• hydraulic spikes


Leguan 110HT Lifting height approx. 11 m
2 x Leguan 125 Lifting height approx. 12 m
Haulotte Compact 12DX Lifting height approx. 10 m
Haulotte HA18PX Lifting height approx. 17 m


Hoeflon TC1
• remote-controlled crawler platform
• load-carrying capacity 1,200 kg


Alpo Classic 8
• motor boat
• frame length 8.6 m, maximum length 3.4 m
• maximum load 4,150 kg

Light equipment

MB Sprinter 5 vehicles
Land Rover Defender 4×4 2 vehicles
VW Caddy 3 vehicles

Quad tractor TRX500FPE
• trailer, log trailer, winch

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